We began our partnership with IKEA through our friends at Kaper who commissioned us to animate key statistics for IKEA's annual report. The video made the rounds internally and caught the attention of the Legal department. They got in touch and we have since created more internal videos for them to communicate and educate co-workers on issues as varied as data protection and customer financing, developing a visual style and communication strategy alongside the Legal team. This is part of a push to make the department more visible within the wider organisation, as well as making them more approachable to their co-workers.


The challenge for us is to make potentially dry subject matters come to life. Our process to ensure this happens begins with crafting a script that keeps language simple and jargon-free, as well as entertaining where possible. We then make sure to illustrate each element using vibrant colours and stylish, approachable imagery. Finally, we animate the illustrations to keep the narrative flowing and the viewers' locked in. It's a system which works well, and we're hoping our partnership with IKEA endures into the future.


Not only are these projects fun to create, the team we work with are genuinely fantastic to work with. Tak!

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